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Humane Society waives fees on black or orange cats and kittens for Halloween

Here’s a treat for you: the Atlanta Humane Society will be waive adoption fees on all cats and kittens with any black or orange coloring today, Monday, October 31, aka Halloween.

More than 120 cats and kittens at the Atlanta Humane Society, many with festive Halloween coloring, need homes. If potential pet owners find one with black or orange coloring today, the adoption fees are waived until 6 p.m.

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Any adopters are required to complete a preliminary adoption questionnaire. Interested adopters should not adopt in a hurry.

For pet owners and pet parents-to-be worried about the impact of waived fees, AHS says it has policies in place.

"It is our top priority to find all of our animals loving homes through adoption, and we will always do so using expertly trained adoption counselors and our specific adoption process," AHS said to a concerned commenter on Facebook.

More details are at the Atlanta Humane Society website.

 Meet your boo this Halloween! All of our cats and kittens who have any black or orange coloring will be fee-waived on Monday, October 31!Posted by Atlanta Humane Society on Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cats are awesome and here's why

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National Cat Day has come and gone, but your cat is no less awesome.

Or, if you're not a cat person, it's not too late to become one. After all, Popular Science has spoken to cat researcher John Bradshaw about why hating cats is actually not worth the negative effort.

For one, unlike a child or a dog, cats are content with being on their own, separated from their owners (or guardians). "Your cat's a mingler, an explorer," the website says.

Yet that doesn't make a cat any less affectionate. When a cat rubs itself against a human or another feline, it is not to mark its territory with its scent as is popularly believed.

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Bradshaw says this action is a social action and should be interpreted warmly.

As for cats hating human touch? That survey was conducted in Brazil where house cats are less common than small dogs, according to PopSci.

And while it may have ferocious-looking fangs and sharp claws, your house cat is probably a clumsy hunter at best, Bradshaw says.

Cat owners may be programmed to love their feline friends more because of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, according to PopSci. As it turns out, though, the parasite is more effective at controlling thoughts of women than men.

Read more here.

Area fighters boxing to benefit vets

LOLcats: Photos of hilarious pets acting crazy

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