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Posted: October 03, 2014

Subway’s Halloween ad gets slammed for being sexist


            Subway’s Halloween ad gets slammed for being sexist
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Cox Media Group National Content Desk

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With summer bikini season now over, Subway is taking a different angle to encourage people to keep eating healthy. Its new ad claims fitting into sexy Halloween costumes is the reason to choose their sandwiches over the fast-food competition.

But some are calling the commercial sexist.

The ad features a group of friends at lunch. One woman criticizes her lunchmates for eating burgers, claiming that they need to stay fit to wear Halloween costumes. The woman is then featured in somewhat risqué costumes, like attractive nurse, sassy teacher and Viking princess warrior.  The man at the table is shown briefly in a Viking costume, but more for comic effect.

Critics claim the ad is sexist and potentially fat-shaming.

 A Subway representative told “Today” that the company recognizes some viewers may have missed the humor in the commercial but the objective was not to offend anyone.

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