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Posted: August 29, 2017

Austin Landing’s Battle of the Cover Bands

Register your band before September 25th 

You can be the next big rock star at Austin Landing’s Battle of the Cover Bands at Bar 145. Eight bands will compete over seven weeks for the rock crown $2,000 cash prize and guaranteed gigs at Bar 145Click here for the application! 

What is Battle of the Cover Bands? 

The “Battle of the Cover Bands” hosted by Bar 145 is meant to find outstanding musicians looking for the opportunity to book live shows at several venues across the state of Ohio to help our customers rock out like they were meant to with live music! Each applicant will be carefully considered and bands will be selected to compete for the grand prize! The competition will take place at Bar 145-Austin Landing every Thursday night starting October 5, with the finals taking place on November 16. The grand prize includes cash and guaranteed shows at Bar 145-Austin Landing, as well as a chance to play other locations in the future.

How can my band be a part of it?

  • Complete the information on this application. Including…band name, contact info, band biography/description, answers to the provided questions, sample set list, names of all band members and show dates with Bar 145 (if applicable).
  • Copy of Demo CD or MP3 -Agreement 
  • Consent form signed by all members of the band 
  • Non-refundable application fee of $25 (checks can be made out to Fitzie Inc), this is to be paid once you are selected to perform in the Battle of the Cover Bands (must be paid by September 29 at 4pm) 
  • All entries must be received by no later than September 25 at Bar 145-Austin Landing by 4pm. 
  • Entries  can be dropped off  off sent to Bar 145 Battle of the Cover Bands Attn: Kiel 10259 Penny Lane Miamisburg, OH 45342.
  • Entries must be complete with all materials or they will not be considered for the competition. Any questions or problems regarding the application process should be emailed to or calling 440-665-4655.

How will the bands be selected to compete in the competition?

A selection process will be required to choose the bands for the competition by a panel of judges and no correspondence will be entered into.


  • Unsigned 
  • Must be a cover band including but not limited to 80s, 90s, Country and Top 40 hits that fit the live music style of Bar 145 
  • Must not be a band that has played at any Bar 145 location more than 3 times in the past 12 months 
  • Evaluation of Demo CD and band info 
  • Overall commercial viability

When will the compeitions take place and how will the bands be judged? 

The judging for all rounds of the competition will be done by a panel of 3 judges using the following criteria: song selection, stage presence, crowd participation, crowd votes (based on the number of “fans” attending the show) and overall musicianship. All bands will be given an information packet prior to the show fully explaining the judgement criteria. 

  • ROUND 1: Upon selection, bands will be given a performance date for the first round of competition for one of the following dates: Oct 5, 12, 19 or 26. Two/Three bands will compete each night (45-60 minutes, depending on number of bands) and the 4 teams with the highest scores will advance to Round 2 of the competition. 
  • ROUND 2: The top 4 teams from Round 1 will compete on November 2 or 9 based on a random drawing. Each band will have 60 minutes to perform with the 2 bands with the highest scores advancing to the finals. 
  • ROUND 3: The finals will take place on November 16. The bands will play 75 minutes  with the winner being announced that night and receiving a cash prize!

Sounds like something your band wants to do? Apply now

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