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Xenia Tornado Documentary in Pre-Production

I spoke to Rosie Pooley of Blink Films UK about a documentary project they are developing about the Xenia, OH 1974 Tornado. Their approach is quite unique: reconnecting people who've lost touch with those who had a major impact on their life and survival during historical American events. They are looking for people who lived through Xenia 7 who would like to share their story and reconnect with that important person. To contact them 888-558-6449 or visit their website

Hear the interview here:

Your movies are not my movies

Sometimes my wife Mary and I struggle when it comes to picking the ideal Saturday night movie to watch. We have the same issue with dinner but that’s for another blog post. 

If there’s nothing new on Netflix or Amazon we find interesting we go to the classics. This is where the problem begins. As far as entertainment goes, my wife and I are sort of from different generations. 

I was born in 1969 and grew up during the 70’s and 80’s. I fondly recall the classics like Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Pretty in Pink and Animal House, just to name a few. Mary was born in 1982. She grew up with films like Clueless, Home Alone, American Pie and Good Burger. All fairly tolerable and I’ve seen them all but they aren’t my idea of “classics.” Am I right?

Some of my favorites, many I would consider “classics,” either came out before she was born and she’s never taken the time to watch them. Or, her very restrictive parents wouldn’t let her watch them as a child. In some cases, I certainly don’t blame them. No child needs to see Porky’s--another classic romp!

After some arm twisting we watched Animal House over the weekend. She had never seen it. Which again, I found perplexing. I’m not sure how one could be born in the 80’s and not have seen it--or in her case, even heard of it. She got an crash course on toga parties, pledge pins on uniforms and the classic Lincoln Continental DEATHMOBILE. Now there’s a classic movie car, for ya. 

After the radio segment below aired, a listener named Jen sent me a message asking if my wife knew who John Hughes was? She had no clue. None. I was heartbroken. Clearly I have failed in the role of 80’s movie moderator.  This weekend she’s meeting Spicoli. 

Hear her review below. 

Test Walmart Fire

Solar panels on top of Walmart in Beavercreek caught fire on Wednesday. 

McCall talks podcasting below

‘Psychedelic swamp’ in Florida displays rainbow colors

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Florida Landscapes, a public Facebook group of almost 10,000 members, invites social media users to post original photos of unique landscapes and cityscapes in the state. 

On Wednesday, a post to the group's page showed a Tallahassee swamp -- a wetland area not usually recognized for its beauty -- in a new light. 

Michael Hussey posted the photo of a "Psychedelic Swamp" with water that appears to be blue, pink, yellow, green and purple.

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"This happens every year as leaves begin to decompose in the water," Hussey wrote. "The decomposing leaves release tannic acid, and when the sunlight hits it, you see this gorgeous rainbow effect over the water.”

So far over 1,300 people have liked the photo on Facebook, and it has over 2,200 shares on the social media site.

The original photo was posted on Hussey's personal Facebook page last February. 

Psychedelic  SwampThis happens every year as leaves begin to decompose in the water.  The decomposing leaves release...Posted by Michael Hussey on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

'The Hunger Games' Handprint Ceremony

Through the Years: Iggy Azalea

Robert Pattinson Through The Years

Kylie Jenner copyrights her name

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Does Kylie Jenner totally understand her level of fame?

Kylie Jenner has filed an application to trademark her first name to "entertainment in the nature of providing information by means of a global computer network in the fields of entertainment, fashion and pop culture,"   MTV reported.

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Her sister Kendall has also submitted the trademark paperwork.

Looking at their resume, MTV reported the pair has already written a young adult sci-fi novel, secured a deal for a mobile game, starred in a reality tv show and designed a line for PacSun.

No word on if or when the applications could be approved.

Kristen Stewart Through The Years

The Walking Dead spinoff series title released

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AMC's 'The Walking Dead' spinoff show officially has a title - 'Fear the Walking Dead.'

Robert Kirkman, writer of the graphic novels and series producer, shared the title in a tweet Friday.

The spinoff is set in Los Angeles and will feature new characters and storylines.

Read more here.

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