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Metallica's Kirk Hammett hosts inaugural 'Fear FestEvil' in SF

Award-winning Metallica guitarist and horror aficionado Kirk Hammett is showing off his collection of horror-film memorabilia at Fear FestEvil, the inaugural edition of Hammett's new horror and metal convention at the Regency Ballroom this weekend.

The full name of the event is Kirk Von Hammett’s FEAR FestEvil

The inaugural event will feature highlights of Hammett’s world famous Crypt Collection (including some of the most valuable horror collectibles in the world) inside the Regency Ballroom's spectacular former Masonic temple, an extensive array of panels, live music, vendors and special guests. Attendees will also have the opportunity to wander through out the venue and experience various "haunting areas" for one-of-a-kind scares. There will even be a taxidermy class held on-site at the feastival. 

Krik told KTVU his love for the horror genre came from watching 'Creature Features' with Bob Wilkins on Channel Two in the 60's and 70's. "I've come full-circle," said Kirk. "I used to watch Creature Features every Saturday night…Bob Wilkins was one of my big inspirations."

Fear FestEvil will also feature live music with performances by an array of metal bands including headlining sets by local thrash legends Exodus (Hammett's first band before joining Metallica) and Carcass on Friday and Death Angel, Orchid and Death Division on Saturday. Hammett is scheduled to join both Exodus and Death Angel onstage at the festival, and with additional metal luminaries like Anthrax founder Scott Ian, legendary guitarist Slash and Slayer's Kerry King also on hand for Saturday's events, the possibility of a historic thrash-metal jam to close the festival is a distinct possibility.

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Jimmy Fallon, The Roots play Sesame Street

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots have had some cool jam session with classroom instruments, but few will make you smile as big as the one they recently did to honor the the 44th season of “Sesame Street.”

A big chunk of the Sesame Street crew is featured in the video making its way around the Internet.

There is Elmo on vocals, Grover with backing vocals, Cookie Monster on banana shaker, Abby Cadabby on toy guitar, Murray with backing vocals and Zoe on hand cymbals, Big Bird on vocals and Aloysius Snuffleupagus with backing vocals

The Count counts down the song.

Black Thought of The Roots, the house band on NBC’s “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” offered adorable raps about the crew.

The lyrics are below.

OK, you heard about, through word of mouth. Big Bird is out, he’s in the house.

He’s turnin’ up, with Snuffleup. They’re really gettin’ their hustle up. They stick together like Velcro. There Grover go, there’s Elmo and Cookie Monster there, look he likes to take selfies with his cell phone.

They got a homegirl named Abby. Her last name is Cadabby. I showed her my report card. She said, [Abby: Not too shabby.]

They got all types of cool kids there. It’s lots of fun if you live there.

One thing I keep forgettin’ about Sesame Street. How do you get there?”

ABBA Museum opening

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